Pastry Chef List

1. Light Rye Bread

2. Soft Wheat Rolls

3. Vienna Braided Bread

4. Oat Bran Bread

5. Herb Bread

6. Onion Bread

7. Oatmeal Bread

8. St. Timothy's Coffee CaKe

9. Trapp Family English Muffins

11. Hearty Peasant Bread

12. Kaiser Bread

Marshall Faye - Table of Contents

Crusty Country Loaf

Pain du Champagne

Early American Open Hearth Bread

Fougasse Loaf

Honey White Bread - Ina Garten

Small Picture of Bread

Small Picture of Bread

Quiche Lorraine - Craig Claiborne

Quiche Lorraine - Betty Crocker

Spinach Quiche

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