Mullen Family Reunion September 10, 2011
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SmallPicture of Mullens

 front row - James Franklin (1909-1985) and Elinor Margaret (1911-2004);
 back row - their father, Michael Thomas Mullen (1880-1918)
 and mother, Lena Crook Mullen (1880-1959)

SmallPicture of Mullens

 front row - Leona Elisabeth (left), Gladys Catherine (center), Ruth Lena (right);
 2nd row - James Franklin, Elinor Margaret, Raymond Frederick;
 back row - their mother, Lena Crook Mullen

Hart's Hill Inn then

Hart's Hill Inn now



Hart's Hill Inn then

Hart's Hill Inn now

Mullen Family Reunion September 10, 2011

Reunion of descendants of Michael T and Lena C Mullen 9/10/11

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Saturday Banquet location 3PM

Michael Thomas Mullen


Betty Bob Leona



Michael Thomas Mullen (8/25/1880-10/11/1918) buried in
St. Mary's Cemetery, Clinton, NY. Born in Cork, Ireland to
James (1836-1890) and Sarah Connors Mullen (1855-1926)
Children of James & Sarah: • Anna Mullen 1873-1890
Maria Mullen 1877-1956 • Michael Thomas Mullen 1880-1918
Delia Mullen 1880-Unknown • Patrick Mullen 1881-Unknown
James H Mullen 1888-1948 • Malachi Mullen 1888-Unknown

Elinor & Franklin
buried in Crown Hill.

Betty (1915-2003),
Bob (1913-1973),
& Leona Mullen Bradt
buried in Crown Hill

Ruth Mullen Hitchcock (3/26/1917-
11/2/1978) and Elinor Mullen
(6/9/1911-3/5/2004) kneeling.
Both are buried in Crown Hill.
Gladys Mullen seated (12/8/1918-
6/27/1987). Buried in Buffalo.

Bob & Leona Bradt, Elinor Mullen,
Ruth Mullen Hitchcock
All buried in Crown Hill.

Map including St. Mary's and Crown Hill Cemeteries

Maps including Norwich Corners Church & Cemetery

Buried in Norwich Corners
Cemetery: Jacob Crook
(1810-1889),his wife
Joice Western Crook
(~1812-1855), and four
of their children including
Benjamin Franklin Crook
and his wife Mary Jane
Howell (m. 11/19/1872)
Parents of Lena May Crook

Area Map including Norwich Corners & Thruway

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